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beEMe Med Spa is one of the newest additions to the MedSpa family in Houston, Texas. This Montrose beauty scene is a space that enhances outer beauty as well as inner beauty. beEMe Med Spa in Houston is run by medical professionals who are passionate about sharing empowerment, confidence, and self-love. Our team at beEMe Med Spa is highly experienced in the services we offer, and we love to treat our visitors like the Queen Bees they are.

Ashley Pham

Ashley Pham



Ashley Pham, MSN, FNP-C, is the CEO and Head Certified Advanced Lip Injector of beEMe Med Spa. Ashley is proudly experienced and certified in the popular lip filler method, the Russian Lip Technique, and professionally trained in the United Kingdom.

When Ashley is away from beEMe Med Spa, she serves the community as a Nurse Practitioner in one of Houston’s well-established clinics.

“beEMe Med Spa is my way of encouraging other women to make their dreams come true through hard work and dedication. I wanted our logo to be the Queen Bee because every woman is a queen. She symbolizes all of us who are working towards our goals yet still want to indulge in a luxurious aesthetic treat from time to time. beEMe Med Spa is my testimony of how we can bring our wildest dreams to life. Good luck, Queens.”

beEMe Med Spa Houston Dr. Won Yi

Dr. Won Yi



Dr. Won Yi, MD, is the Medical Director and Board-Certified in-house Anesthesiologist of beEMe Med Spa. Dr. Yi attended the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine for his education, completed his internship at the University of Florida College of Medicine at Jacksonville, then completed his residency at Montefiore Medical Center – Moses Division.

beEMe Med Spa Houston Jalynn Garcia

Jalynn Garcia



Meet Jalynn, also known as Jay among her close circle.

Jalynn’s journey led her away from conventional nursing towards an ardent passion for aesthetics. A graduate of Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and envisions pursuing advanced degrees to further her expertise.

Jalynn’s commitment to staying current with aesthetic nursing practices is unwavering. Through advanced training and hands-on anatomical courses, she prioritizes patient safety above all.

Hailing from Houston, Jalynn has fostered strong connections within the community. Over three years, she’s formed meaningful patient relationships through expert injections, eagerly anticipating more in the future. Outside her profession, Jalynn, at 24, enjoys literature, exploration, and walks with her dogs. Formerly on the outskirts of Houston, she now thrives in the city.

With a deep-rooted Mexican heritage, Jalynn values family and draws strength from their support. She looks forward to welcoming you with her expertise and warmth.

beEMe Med Spa Houston Jalynn Garcia

Fatima Zaidi



Meet Fatima, a dedicated aesthetic professional.

Fatima’s academic journey commenced at the University of Houston, where she secured her initial bachelor’s degree, majoring in psychology, in 2019. Her educational pursuits culminated in a BSN from UTMB in 2021. Accumulating two years of invaluable experience, she served as an oncology nurse at MD Anderson, a role that paved the way for her cherished vocation as an aesthetic nurse injector.

Presently, Fatima is charting new heights by pursuing her family nurse practitioner degree at Texas Women’s University. Her philosophy centers on personalized treatments that enhance natural beauty, always prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

Beyond her work, Fatima’s interests span the realms of wellness and lifestyle. An ardent pilates enthusiast and connoisseur of Starbucks delights, she embodies the essence of balance. In both her personal and professional spheres, Fatima is resolute in her endeavor to continually elevate herself. She treasures the exchange of knowledge with her patients, often transforming these interactions into lasting friendships. In Fatima, you’ll discover a practitioner of aesthetics, an embodiment of values, and a lifelong learner.

beEMe Med Spa Houston Jalynn Garcia

Adriana Rosati



Meet Adriana, your dedicated nurse injector based in Houston, Texas.

With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Sam Houston State University and critical care experience from the Emergency Room, Adriana swiftly found her calling in Aesthetic Nursing.

Passionately committed, Adriana’s journey has led her to a realm she adores. Here, she collaborates with remarkable individuals, fostering a shared commitment to self-assuredness and external radiance. Her role encompasses personalized treatments and informative guidance, all within a reassuring setting that nurtures natural beauty.

Aligned with the philosophy of holistic well-being, Adriana values the connection between mind and body. Beyond her clinic engagements, she dedicates herself to invigorating workouts, wholesome nourishment, and the noble cause of animal rescue.

Adriana’s path is a fusion of inner growth and external refinement. She’s enthusiastic about embarking on this transformative journey with you, as you navigate towards the best version of yourself, while helping you reach your health, wellness, and aesthetic goals!

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